Edument on Tour, Stockholm - RX för applikationer och testning

Nu är det dags för vårt tredje Edument on Tour. Denna gång i Stockholm. Den 8 oktober bjuder vi tillsammans med Knowit Stockholm på en after work-föreläsning i två delar, där Jonathan Worthington talar om reaktiv/händelseorienterad programmering (RX) för applikationer och testning. Självklart är det gratis, och vi bjuder på mat och dryck under kvällen. Välkomna!
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Abstract för kvällen


Intentful Testing through Domain Events


Those experienced with automated testing know that the easiest code to test is a filter: something that takes input, does computation without any dependencies on the surrounding environment (date/time, database, etc), and returns a result. No mocking or stubbing, just data in and data out.

In this session, we'll discover how viewing our domain in terms of events enables us to write such tests for our business logic - even when it depends on previous history. Even better, tests expressed this way are great at describing intent, and thus are ideal for discussing with domain experts.

The session finishes up with a short live coding demonstration of writing intentful tests and making them pass.


Some Observations about Reactive Applications


It seems that "reactive" is fast on its way to being a buzzword. The Reactive Manifesto paints a picture of a future where software is event-driven, scalable, resilient and interactive. Inherent in all of this is accepting asynchrony as "normal" - a challenge to an industry more used to synchrony everywhere!

In this session, I'll introduce the ideas and motivations behind reactive applications, and the challenges this presents. I will also discuss and demonstrate some of the technologies that may be involved, including Rx (the reactive extensions), web sockets and - linking us nicely back to the first session - domain events and event stores. 




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