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Generating a Default Local Resources automatically in Visual Studio 2010 for a single page

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This is just a small tip I want to share for all you who are about to localize your ASP.NET applications.

You can use Visual Studio to automatically generate the default version of your local resource files. Doing so extracts the page and controls into a resource file, it…


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Creating Accessible websites in ASP.NET and why you should always do it!

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Accessibility in web development is a great thing for three reasons, it lets users that uses a screen reader, cant use a mouse and keyboard in a normal way or use some other technology to access a webpage, use your website, it also make it easier for people with a normal mouse and keyboard to use your website, and…


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Jonas Powerpoint

Stort tack till Jonas Toftefors på Centiro för en intressant arkitekturdragning!


Presentationen och länkarna som Jonas lovade ligger här: 

Architecture - SweNug - Handout.pptx …


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