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[GBG] Concurrency + C# Everywhere; even iOS and Android!


[GBG] Concurrency + C# Everywhere; even iOS and Android!

Tidpunkt: 29 Augusti 2013 från 17.30 till 21.00
Plats: Plushögskolan
Gata: Fürstenbergsgatan 1
Ort/Stad Göteborg
Webbsida eller karta http://www.plushogskolan.se/O…
Telefon: 0732-707280
Eventtyp: göteborg
Organiserat av: Anders Bratland
Senaste aktivitet: Aug 30, 2013

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17.30 - 18.00 Mingel och mat.

18.00 - 19.00 Concurrency

19.00 - 19.20 Paus

19.20 - 20.20 C# Everywhere


Herb Sutter (the GOTW guy) says that the concept of Concurrency is easier understood if split into three sub concepts; scalability, responsiveness and consistency. This presentation is the first of three covering these concepts, starting off with everyone’s favorite: Scalability – i.e. splitting a CPU-bound problem onto several cores in order to solve the problem faster. I will show what tools what .NET offer but also performance pitfalls that arise from an escalating problem that plagued computer architecture for the last 20 years.

Presenteras av Mårten Rånge - WCOM.


C# Everywhere; even iOS and Android!

Talk Abstract:
In this talk, we're going to examine how C# is available as a first-class citizen everywhere developers want to be. Focusing on a deep dive on how to create cross-platform mobile applications, in C# for iOS, Android, and Windows with Xamarin. Along the way, we'll look at the architecture necessary to support maximum code sharing and reuse and provide guidance and best practices for handling fragmentation across and within the platforms. To illustrate these points, we’ll look at real world example applications and the architecture and patterns that power them.

Presenteras av Bryan Costanich - Xamarin

Extra tack till kvällens sponsor, WCOM!

Antalet platser är begränsat till 65.


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Kommentar av Tommy Savela den 29 Augusti 2013 kl. 17.43
Note to self: Lita inte för mycket på Google. Det var väldigt tomt i Plushögskolans gamla lokaler. ;)

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